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On October 6, 2022, beginning at 3:00 p.m. EST, Vaxxchoice.com is conducting an online self-help legal clinic by Five Small Stones Legal Network, which can be attended free on the CloutHub platform at http://clouthub.com/vaxxchoice. Please sign up for the CloutHub channel now so you don’t miss valuable updates and information that will be posted before, during, and after the symposium! 

The founders and legal contributors to Vaxxchoice.com know that it has been next to impossible for you to get legal help or answers to legal questions, for suspension of your Constitutional and human rights.  Five Small Stones Self-Help Legal Symposium is their solution. 

The Symposium will feature dynamic presenters including Todd Callender, LTC (RET) Pete Chambers, D.O., Jamie Scher, Esq., LTC Theresa Long, General Michael Flynn, General Thomas McInerney, General Paul Vallely, and Reiner Fuellmich.  The speakers will present the facts and means by which public health has been weaponized and used to remove your Constitutional and Human rights, including involuntary confinement and compulsory injections.  Pending legislation in all of the States will make this permanent law as the Public Health powers are shifted to the US Department of Defense – Military Medical Martial Law.  The presenters will share real-life experiences and stories of existing litigation while providing the legal tools for people to empower themselves to fight without the need for a lawyer.  Comprehensive self-help documents and tutorials are being made available at Vaxxchoice.com and break-out sessions will follow for people to ask questions and interact with the experts and their favorite leaders in the fight for humanity. 

Though the Symposium is free of charge, please consider paying it forward if the information, forms, or tutorials are of value to you.  Donations will be spent on a companion billboard and sticker campaign managed by Banners4freedom.com which features a jumbotron version in Time Square, NY. 

The comprehensive self-help legal resources were created and provided pro bono by wonderful legal minds like those fighting here at AFLDS.   Vaxxchoice.com is a constantly evolving hub of support resources promoting your right to make your own health choices,  stand-up to totalitarianism, and defend your right to exist. AFLDS supports the work of our sister organizations like Vaxxchoice.org whenever possible.  Together we are stronger



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