CDC Study Bears out Concerns of Doctors and Medical Experts: Natural Immunity is Superior to Vaccination Immunity



This past week, the CDC came out with a study revealing the grave consequences associated with the vaccine. The study entitled COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations by COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Previous COVID-19 Diagnosis – California and New York, May-November 2021 is being reported in terms of two major headlines. One is that the vaccination provides protection from severe illness and death. The other is that the COVID recovered, or those who had prior infection, have longer-lasting immunity. A third and related headline is that the vaccination is actually weakening the immune system.

America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Associate Medical Director Dan Stock, stated, "This week's CDC study was supportive of what we've been saying for quite some time. The Covid vaccinated are at risk, and the Covid recovered are largely well protected."

The study found that those who received the vaccination have a reduced risk of severe illness and death, yet they have waning immunity. The implication is that they will require boosters to have ongoing protection. At the same time, those who have had COVID and recovered have longer-lasting immunity and so are protected to a greater degree.

While the study, which looked at approximately 1.1 million California and New York hospitalization cases, cases which occurred before the omicron variant arose, is being reported in terms of these two main issues, there is the varying emphasis being given to the study’s findings, in an ongoing battle between two groups, the CDC and the major media outlets and those such as America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and numerous other doctors.

This weekend, the March for Freedom was held on the Washington Mall in D.C. with numerous doctors in attendance. Dr. Richard Urso, speaking on the Mall, stated, “We are not one doctor, we are 17,000 doctors!” Many of the doctors who spoke this weekend before a crowd of more than 15,000, standing in the D.C. cold for hours, emphasized the point that the COVID recovered fare better than the vaccinated. Dr. Urso, for example, stated “Natural immunity has always fared better than a vaccination and we’re seeing that here with COVID.”

Beyond the longer-lasting value of natural immunity, the harms of vaccination were highlighted by the outspoken doctors. Dr. Ryan Cole, who has been campaigning vigorously to get the truth, and alternative viewpoint, out, for example, have expressed significant concerns that the immune system is being weakened by the vaccine. Similarly, Dr. Peter McCullough noted the science that is being undervalued in the mainstream, “There are two preclinical papers suggesting that the vaccination could actually impair long-term natural immunity” if you are infected with the virus.

As one would expect, CNN reported the slant on the CDC study one would expect. It considers the findings of the study to be that vaccination is the clear winner. “It shows once again that vaccination is superior to prior infection,” stated Elizabeth Cohen, Sr. Medical Correspondent in her reporting on CNN. It bases that conclusion on a view that the purpose of a vaccination is to prevent severe illness and death. However, the doctors, and numerous others not present, at the Washington Mall this weekend, note that traditionally the purpose of vaccination is to prevent infection and transmission, which, as Dr. Christina Parks, told AFLDS at the March for Freedom, “just doesn’t happen from the COVID-19 vaccines.”

Dr. Parks added of the ongoing risks to the vaccinated, “The vaxxed will continue to be susceptible to each new strain of SARS-CoV-2 no matter how many times they get it.”

Of course, CNN received millions of dollars in advertising revenue from Pfizer and so it’s reasonable to conclude that there is an interest in their slant. Admittedly, CNN did report the stark findings of the CDC study that “as vaccines waned, without boosters, prior infection [is] more effective at preventing infection,” but it downplayed the importance of this aspect of the study. Further, it did not recognize the implication asserted by numerous doctors making a clarion call this weekend that more and more boosters will be needed for the vaccinated.

Dr. Simone Gold reached out for a comment stating, stated, “I was inspired by the concerned and caring citizens and outspoken doctors who turned out at the March for Freedom rally. The pandemic has created a threat to humanity which good doctors are opposing. The pandemic has created a quandary for doctors, placing them under immense pressure to lie, distort and tow a line, while it’s clear from the latest study that there are balances to be struck and immense dangers that cannot and should not be ignored, threatening the lives of countless. We need to restore integrity to our system.”

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