America’s Frontline Doctors Represents San Francisco Firefighter, William Amalu, Facing Termination over Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate



San Francisco, CA – March 30, 2022, America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFLDS) Senior Affiliate Attorney, Heather Gibson, represented San Francisco firefighter, William Amalu, who faced termination for choosing not to comply with the unconstitutional vaccine mandate implemented by the San Francisco Fire Department.

Public comment was permitted prior to the hearing, the lines were flooded with fellow firefighters and residents in support of Amalu. They spoke passionately about what we all know to be true. Some notable comments include:

“We know this isn’t about public health, this is about hundreds of millions of dollars of covid relief for 100% vaccine compliance. You are all puppets answering to your slave masters, committing horrible atrocities against these people, destroying livelihoods. We know the truth and you're complicit.”

“[You are] Driven by Incompetence, laziness, power, or some other form of darkness.”

"We've been awake, good Lord willing all of you will wake up soon. We will hope and pray that you all will wake soon.”

Following public comment, Attorney Gibson presented similar testimony to the March 16, 2022, Kricken case, once again proving that the mandate is impossible to comply with, as no vaccine available prevents the spread of COVID-19.

Similar to Kricken’s hearing, which we reported here, AFLDS coordinated for world renowned physician, Dr. Michael Yeadon, to testify on behalf of Mr. Amalu. However, only one day prior to the hearing, Commission President Feinstein, issued the following ruling:

“Firefighter Amalu objects to the following witnesses identified by the Department – Chief Nicholson, Lucy Chu, Jesusa Bushong, and former Deputy Chief Velo. The objections are overruled. Any delay in formally identifying these witnesses was harmless, as all of these individuals were identified in the documents provided to Firefighter Amalu in this matter and in communications he was party to during the administrative process that preceded this matter. The Department should not present duplicative or cumulative testimony, and it has indicated that it will not.

The Department objects to the testimony of Mike Yeadon, Ph.D., who Firefighter Amalu has offered to testify concerning COVID-19 vaccines. The objection is granted in part. Firefighter Amalu may offer the transcript of Dr. Yeadon’s testimony from the Kricken case as an exhibit in this matter.”

During the hearing, Attorney Gibson requested that she be allowed to read 4-5 minutes of Dr. Yeadon’s testimony from a prior hearing onto the record and Commissioner Feinstein refused to allow this stating, “reading it into the record when it will become part of the record anyway just doesn't seem to be the best use of time.” She further stated that the testimony could not

be read because it had not been subject to cross examination, yet her ruling the prior day was the very reason Dr. Yeadon was not there to be cross-examined.

Below, is wording directly from Dr. Yeadon regarding his scientific and professional opinions regarding Mr. Amalu.

“To Mr. Amalu:

-The record doesn’t show that he’s had an incident where he tested positive, nor does it say he’s ever been symptomatic with a respiratory illness in the last two years, absent a test or with only negative tests. One possible explanation is that he’s never acquired the infection. In this case, the only person at risk of encountering the virus in work for the city is Mr. Amalu himself. This wouldn’t be a problem. He’s very healthy. Only elderly and / or chronically ill people suffer greatly. He is neither. What we do appear to be able to say is that, through what’s claimed to be the worst pandemic in a hundred years, your client has remained in robust good health.

-Providing Mr. Amalu only comes to work while he is feeling fit & well, he presents no risk whatsoever either to his colleagues or the public. This is because only symptomatic people are infectious to the extent that infecting others occurs at a notable frequency. Healthy people don’t infect others, in different words. Even Dr Fauci concedes this. https://www.bitchute.com/video/lIj22KttYq7z/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33315116/

-In my professional opinion, it’s more likely that Mr. Amalu has immunity to the virus already. Around 30% of people were shown to have “prior immunity” to this virus because of previous exposure to related viruses. I say this because he’s worked continuously through the period when many others fell ill. Alternatively, he acquired the infection during the last two years but displayed no symptoms as a result of his robust good health.”

At the conclusion of testimony, the board again unanimously voted to confer in a closed session. During the closed session, one of the board members unmuted their mic and laughing was heard. The board was making the decision to end a dedicated first responders' career, and they were laughing in closed session, during a public hearing. This blatant corruption by board members, making a mockery of a hearing that is supposed to be based on evidence and law, is a plague against We the People.

AFLDS continues to follow this story and report the truth.

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